Have you ever heard of the expression “living in someone else’s shadow”? What does this mean? This is to say, that someone is living their life through that of another. For example, living in another person’s shadow may exist between two siblings-hence sibling rivalry. Perhaps one sibling has movie-star good looks, charm, and athletic abilities, while the other sibling does not. Such deficiencies can cause problems between siblings. The mere suggestion of living in ones’ shadow can be quite negative.

 However, as Catholic Christians, we do need to live in the shadow of just one. We need to live our lives through Jesus Christ. I assure you, Jesus does not care what we look like, or whether we have charm, or particular athletic abilities. He only cares about us, as in you, and me. Yes, rejoice! Finally, someone who loves us for who we are, and without prejudice, or judgement. This is great news!

 If you are living your life through that of another- stop! Take refuge in the shadow of His cross. By taking refuge in the shadow of His cross we obtain peace in our lives. When we acknowledge His cross, we acknowledge His purpose and His promise to us. He was stripped, scourged, beaten and mocked- for us! And in the end, He carried His cross to Calvary for our salvation, and the promise of eternal life in heaven. Jesus profoundly illustrated His sacrifice and love for us-by way of the cross. He chose the road of pain for the blood stains of our sins.

“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s   friends” (John 15:13).

 As far as I am concerned, The Passion of Christ is the greatest love story of our time. Jesus is our friend and our Lamb who bravely went out for slaughter. At Calvary, He paid the ultimate price for us! Love wins only through Jesus Christ- Amen!

 Lastly, as Christians we are assured of eternal life through the layers of the Holy Trinity- the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit! Like the three layers of our skin, the Holy Trinity offers us protection. Indeed, the shadow of the cross is a place to hunker down and get real with ourselves and to be one with Christ. He knows everything about our lives.

 Jesus knows our struggles, our temptations, and our sins. He is waiting for us to take refuge in the shadow of His cross. As Christians, our only purpose in life is to get to heaven. We do this by serving and loving God; in the same way that He serves and loves us. Remember His Passion each day at the hour of three.

Pray, repent, and take refuge today!